Turn 10 customers into 100.

Getting new customers is frustrating. And you’re bound to feel overwhelmed when there are a million and one different strategies everyone is recommending. But I’m here to tell you that if you have just 10 names of customers you have helped, then I can help you get more clients today.

You see, each of those 10 customers know at least 5 other people who could benefit from your services. That is 50 potential customers right there but you just need to get access to.

And since you have already worked with them and helped them, all you have to do is make them like you enough that they want to help you, and will recommend their friends to you.

All it takes is a small, yet significant gesture from you to them that is going to make them smile.

A meaningful, personal, handwritten card.

Thank your customers for their business and support and say that you hope they are delighted with the product/service you provided them. Then say, that you want to work with more great people like them and that if they know anyone who they think would like and benefit from what you do, then please introduce them to you.

Now, you want to make it really easy for them to introduce a person to you, and you might want to follow it up with a phone call a few days after sending the card.

From doing this, realistically you should be able to get at least two referrals from each one of your customers.

And now you have 20 new leads, which are qualified because they have come from a personal recommendation, and the most important and influential thing you can do to convert as many of them as possible is to make them like you.

They already know you can do a good job (because their friend told them so), they just need to like you in order to want to do business with you.

It’s time for a wow moment.

Either before or after your meetings with each of those 20 prospects send them a handwritten card saying how much you look forward to/enjoyed meeting them.

Not a single one of your competitors will do this, so you will stand out by a mile.

By this time, you should hope to have converted 10 customers.

Repeat the same process with these new customers, asking them for referrals, refining your message and sales process as you go, and you should be well on your way to having 100 customers in no time.