Is sending cards sustainable?

So, how is sending cards sustainable?

Well it usually isn't.

Most cards are made from virgin paper, meaning trees are being cut down directly to make cards.

Even those from "sustainable sources" are still forests, which have animals and wildlife living there, who lose their habitats and even their lives when the trees are cut down.

And you know those cards with glossy finishes - that gloss is made from gelatine. Not only is that a bit gross... but it is a bi-product from the animal agriculture, which we all know is not sustainable.

So what makes our cards different?

We use only 100% recycled card and envelopes, meaning no trees have to be cut down and no animals are harmed in order to make our cards. And we use only plant-based inks, with no gloss finishes.

Recycled card also takes 70% less energy to make, produces 74% less air pollution, and 35% less water pollution, as opposed to card from virgin paper sources (according to the EPA).

As well as this, we work with Ecologi to plant 1 tree for every single card you send. These trees are planted where they are needed the most, in areas of the world which have suffered the most from deforestation.